Whom can I call if I have a complaint or request?

For plowing or sidewalks, call 402-597-2043. All emergency maintenance requests after normal working hours can also go to 402-597-2043.

Please call the Sarpy County Dispatch Non-Emergency Line at 402-593-4111 for vehicles parked on City streets during a snow emergency.

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1. Why don't your drivers put the blades down and plow all the snow off down to the pavement?
2. It seems like we're always plowed last. Why can't we be first?
3. Why don't you just tow the cars off the street that don't observe the snow emergency parking ban?
4. I'm very concerned about our environment. Why don't you do more plowing and eliminate the use of all the sand and salt?
5. I didn't know you would be plowing and I think it is unfair that I got a ticket. What can be done?
6. Whom can I call if I have a complaint or request?
7. Can't the city remove the snow they put in my driveway?
8. Why do the plows go so fast and throw snow on my sidewalk?
9. What can you do to get the public to shovel their sidewalks?
10. My street was poorly plowed because of parked cars. Can you come back and plow again?
11. Why did the city snowplow hit my mailbox?