Papillion Arts Council

 About the Council

The Papillion Arts Council is established to promote, sustain and cultivate the arts for the City of Papillion. It shall be the responsibility of the Papillion Arts Council to advise the Mayor regarding potential arts programs and activities pertinent to the City of Papillion, to notify the director of recreation regarding said items, and to recommend how they might be addressed.

An art gallery is now open on the second floor of Papillion City Hall. Interested artists may apply to the Arts Council to have their work displayed in the gallery. Artwork will be displayed at the discretion of the Papillion Arts Council, and upon final approval from the City Administrator, according to the terms of the Agreement.



Term Expires

Ken Molzer, Chair

May 2010

February 2025

Chuck Wilcox, Recorder

February 2010

February 2024

Tim Keller

April 2017

April 2023

Eric White

June 2019

June 2025

Al Rhea

October 2016

October 2022

Dennis Schroeder

November 2019

March 2025

Mary Watson

April 2017

April 2023

Papillion Arts Council