Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer

During the 2007 / 2008 budget cycle, the City Council approved the addition of a code enforcement officer. When a city of this size continues to grow, the need for this position arises. The primary reason for the addition of this position was to funnel all private property ordinance violations to one person.


Our philosophy of code enforcement is to assure that the safety needs of the public are maintained through the requirements established by law in the community.


The code enforcement officer is responsible for handling all private property ordinance violations.

Ordinance & Code Enforcement

The City of Papillion currently enforces all ordinances within the city limits of Papillion. All building and zoning codes are enforced within the city limits and within our two mile extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Contact Us

Complaints or questions may be submitted through one of the following methods:
  • Calling the Building Department at 402-597-2072
  • Contacting the Mayor's Hotline or calling 402-827-1111
All complaints relating to public property will be handled by either the Papillion Police Department at 402-597-2035 or the Papillion Public Works Department at 402-597-2043.

We look forward to the challenges of this new position and appreciate any comments on our service to the citizens of Papillion.

Habitat for Humanity - Sarpy County

Residents who may have financial difficulties in correcting a code issue may qualify for assistant from Habitat for Humanity in Sarpy County. Visit the Habitat for Humanity webpage to learn more.